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About #ConversationsWithAnu

Conversations with Anu is an online platform where young individuals can share their voice, message, work and who they are with the world. It is real conversations about things that matter to real people. 

This special series leverages the voice, community and passion of its host, Anu Olanrewaju to spotlight young change-makers globally. 


Featured Guests

Olabanke Subair

Olabanke is the founder and creative director of Cyrus45 factory which focuses on converting solid waste into bespoke & ultra-modern furniture pieces through innovative & creative upcycling. She hopes to contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution & facilitate a greener future for the next generation through Cyrus45.


Hon. Seyi Adisa

Seyi Adisa is focused on solving the leadership problems in his generation by using politics as a platform to build leaders. He seeks to raise the next generation of political leaders. He is a certified John Maxwell Team coach and the Parliamentarian elected for the Oyo State House of Assembly, Afijio State Constituency.


Ruth Diyan Ebe

Ruth Ebe is a multi-passionate individual who drives impact through several impacts across different industries. Though a licensed medical doctor from the National Medical University, Kyiv Ukraine, she currently serves as the Head of Operations at Slum2Schol Africa, a volunteer driven social developmental organization which empowers children living in underserved communities through the provision of access to quality education, good healthcare and a happy community.


Seun Olagunju

Seun Olagunju is a Global Development professional; and currently the regional manager, Sub-Saharan Africa at Peace First, where she leads the organization’s program operations in over 30 countries. She is also the founder of Beyond the Surface Development Initiative where she works to promote the 4th SDG, which is providing quality education to every child, but with a focus on social and emotional learning programs.


Michael Onobote

Michael Onobote is a Digital Skills and Innovation expert with extensive experience in Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship, Digital Skills advocacy and the use of technology to enhance educational outcomes.


Oluwabukola Makinde

Oluwabukola Makinde is an international development enthusiast with a focus on global affairs, agriculture, women’s empowerment and public policy.


Patricia Zanella

Patricia Zanella is a young politician that has been building a political party in Brazil since 2016. She is a current fellow of the Hurford Youth Program (2021) of the World Movement for Democracy. As a women’s rights advocate and proponent for social justice and sustainability, at the age of 22, Zanella ran for congress and received almost 10,000 votes.


Francess Awunor

Francess Awunor, Founder and Convener of the AfriConvo Series is a lawyer and water policy Analyst hailing from Nigeria. She is passionate about continental development and environmental actions for the Ocean.


Inés Yábar

Inés Yábar is a sustainability activist. She is one of the founders of Ensemble pour TECHO, an organisation seeking to eradicate poverty through the joint work of young people and community members. She also co-leads L.O.O.P., a women-led Peruvian social impact company conserving the marine ecosystem. 

Inés combines her research, volunteering and job to continue learning, sharing and acting towards a more sustainable future.


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