Hi there! I trust you have been well. 

Today I would be sharing something simple yet profound from what I have learnt from my environment, people and life.

It’s the myth that we must always chase after something (or else something will chase us, haha). Permit me to say that this myth is not categorically false however it depends on what we are chasing after or whatever is chasing us.  There is this belief that we must strive to own and be something in life (which is a FACT); this is relative to an individual’s definition of what he/she wants to be or what he/she wants to own.

I recently came back from a trip and I was met with some disappointing news about a few of my childhood friends and what they had decided to chase after or let’s say what chased them (just know there was a chasing…lol). You would ask why I was disappointed; I was because I never imagined such could have happened especially from them. What they decided to chase after has given some definition to who they are and what they have become (always remember every decision has a consequence whether positive or negative).

Fellas! Let’s cut the Chase from the wrong things (at least things that are not a priority or things that will eventually fade away). Let’s walk on that right path that leads to a beautiful future that we so desire. Yeah!! I know we all got that ‘idea of a perfect future and all’ however, we need counsel on whether our decisions, the decisions we are making now will lead us to that desired future.

I am starting to think the trend of social media, social life and everything social is taking a toll on who we are. 

Life has taught me and is teaching me about ‘KNOWING WHO YOU ARE’, forming or trying to belong doesn’t ‘epp’   so why the whole razzmatazz of ‘pepperdemgang.’ You can’t please everyone, and that’s a reality, not everyone would appreciate and like you and that’s okay because you are not everyone. 

Let’s cut the Chase guys of trying to be someone else when God made us we weren’t made to be someone else rather we were made to be who we are.

Let’s cut the Chase of doing what everyone is doing. You are not in competition with anyone, and life isn’t a competition. Run your RACE at your PACE (chai!! I can rhyme oo… grin)

Find out who you are, know your flaws, your strengths, your weaknesses, your passion, your talents, gifts and use it for the right purposes and cut the Chase from unnecessary things that don’t matter.

See guys; Life is a pot of BEANS,  things happen that we don’t know, expect or anticipate (which is okay); however, our response or reaction must not be based on what happens now rather in the future we see for ourselves.

I will share some things I wrote to myself one day, and I hope you learn from it.

There’s nothing as knowing your self-worth! That’s a standard not to drop, no matter how pressing or pressurizing the want may be. I always tell myself, there are things that I can’t do, not because I can’t but because it’s a deficit on my self-worth! I respect ME a lot! I am different, and that’s what makes me RARE! I STAND OUT!”👸 – Anu Olanrewaju

You can also write when you feel the need to write to yourself, reading it out loud. I know you picked up something from reading this post (at least one thing). 

Thank you for reading. 

As always, please like, drop a comment, and share. I would be expecting. 

Remember, ‘Life is a game, play to win.


Yours truly.
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