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To my partner, lover and haven

I write this with a sheer camaraderie of what we will share together as our lives intertwine. This is not a tale of promises or vows but a true reflection of my dreams and the expression of my deepest yearnings.

Love is a magnificent force, the most powerful tool we can wield. Sharing it with someone is both a privilege and an honour. While love’s interpretations vary, its consistent nature remains unchanging—at least, that is my understanding.

To my partner, lover, and safety, let us build a life where we live out our purpose and potential, and let us be safe with our flaws, imperfections, and fears. Through ups, downs, highs, and lows, let us choose the best outcome, always grounded in forgiveness, grace, growth and kindness. 

We may not be perfect, but we will continually progress in expressing our consistency and commitment to each other.

With the unbreakable bond of a threefold cord, let us place the Spirit of Love, God, at the centre and foundation of our lives, acting as the glue that binds us.

Let our legacy, through our seeds, honour us with how we honour them, love them, care for them and build them up. 

I yearn to be whole in every sense of the word, finding expression in patience, kindness, and grace and building a character marked by dignity, respect, and fairness.

I cannot promise the world material riches, the fulfilment of every fantasy, or the finest meals.


What I guarantee you is ‘like you’, ‘respect you’, ‘support you’, ‘honour you’, ‘pray for you’, ‘choose you’ and ‘be all that I am meant to be alongside you’. 

To be continued.

From your darling,

I love you, and you know it.


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