The Power Of Moments


My moment with Madam Ibukun Awosika

I had my first encounter with her at a meeting where she had ministered in her home church, Fountain of Life where I attended service that day.

After several services where she would be present and minister or not on some days.

On this fateful day, I felt a pull towards her. At first, I tried to fight it because of so many reasons I will not mention, however, one worthy of mention was Madam Ibukun Awosika is a highly sought after esteemed quintessential Entrepreneur, Corporate board professional, Executive Coach to mention a few.  

I summoned up the courage, walked up to her, introduced myself and requested to have a one-one meeting (mind you, before now I had no concrete reason for requesting a meeting except the pull I felt)

She graciously gave me an audience, asked me to schedule a time with her PA and we would meet.

Oh the Joy! The irrepressible gladness I felt in that moment. Those who saw me, must have noticed the air of gladness exuding from my countenance.

The D-day came, I got a message from her PA saying she could slot me in for 15 mins to meet with her. With excitement I affirmatively responded and said I would show up at the time slot. I had prepared a list of questions to ask her as I saw this as an opportunity to glean from her wealth of wisdom and experience.

I walked into her office, greeted her culturally (I knelt down, as an African this is the most acceptable way to show respect to elders as a woman)

In that moment of 15 mins, I asked all I could, listened voraciously to her answers and when we were done, she prayed for me.

As she prayed, I knew that this was the MOMENT my heart had nurtured through the several meetings I had attended where she was present. 

This was the MOMENT.

There are so many moments we miss because we do not have the WILLINGNESS or the COURAGE to try.

I hope this propels you to go for those moments.

Forever etched in my brain, Tuesday, July 9th 2019. 

My moment with Madam Ibukun Awosika #opportunity #power #entrepreneur #respect #experience

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